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Domain Name Research and Registration
- We can help you find just the right domain name for your company's website. This can be as critical as the entire design of the site itself. We can check the availability, research competition, and register it on a server to help get you up and running soon. Good domain names are getting harder to secure, so let us help you do it soon! There are over 180 million domain names already secured, so let's get one that works for you!

Over 165,000 Stock Graphics, Custom Animations, Graphics Design and LOGOS - It's important to have custom graphics if you are a international company. If your business doesn't require custom graphics, we have a huge selection that can work for you. In addition, we can customize any of the graphics, or design new ones, including custom logos for your company image.

Complete Web Site Design, Layout and Creation - Some companies are only interested in either designing the web site for you, or just providing space for you to host with them. We offer our clients the best of both worlds. Since we are both a design and development company as well as a host, we can save you time and money in getting the job done right!

All Sites tested on Mac, PC, Netscape, Internet Explorer, and AOL - This is extremely important, especially if you have ever seen a site that you have had to scroll half an inch to see the right side of the page. We understand how the various browsers work and we can construct an easy to navigate site that will run smoothly on all platforms and all the common browsers.

Hosting and Monthly Maintenance of Web Site, Search Engine Promotion - Again, this is a CRITICAL distinction of our company. In addition to hosting your web site on a server, we provide maintenance and take care of all the promotion, communications and emails that accompany hosting a site with the servers. We know how to PROMOTE YOUR WEB SITE so that it isn't just one of estimated 800 million indexed web pages out there just like yours NOT getting anyone to look at it. We have been promoting sites for four years now and we have the experience that will assist you in getting great positioning on the various major search engines. Alta Vista, one of the largest search engines receives over 20,000 new submissions DAILY! Make sure that when your site is submitted, that it is done correctly by an experienced professional who has done hundreds of search engine submissions, otherwise, it will float out there in cyberspace! Don't leave this most critical step up to chance, when you've spent so much time and money creating a great site! There are about 20 search engines and directories on the web that if your site is well designed and promoted will generate 99% of all of your web referrals (for most businesses) as opposed to trying to waste time promoting on the other 500+ Free Fall Alls (FFA's) and search engines that never get found.

Online Forms, E-Commerce, Secure Servers, Shopping Carts - When your company is ready to switch over to E-Commerce, you can be comforted to know that we are ready to take care of you. We generally suggest that prior to any company jumping in to online commerce, that they make sure their site is getting the hits to warrant that kind of additional expense. We have online forms for you to get feedback on your products or services, as well as gather information from your viewers.

Virtual Email Aliases, Password Protection Areas - Often a company would like to have the employees have emails with their own company name in the second part. We can do that. We can create virtual emails for your company to give you a larger and more professional look. Also, many of our clients like to have specific areas of their site set aside for either employees access only or for specific clients to be able to access. We can provide that for you also.

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