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Club2000, Inc.


Phone Contact Info:
In California: 408-390-7283
Outside California and the US: 541-708-5402

Club 2000 was founded in 1993, by a small group of innovative, forward thinking individuals looking to utilize the internet and combine technology, graphics, design, marketing with their vision of assisting businesses forward their goals. In the early part of 1994, CLUB 2000 was involved in video projects, art and commercial business, as well as music projects aimed towards positive message events, products and services related, up to the year 2000. Using the latest technologies and knowledge of media and the internet along with these advanced facilities and high tech computers (2 Silicon graphics computers) they began producing media and concepts geared towards providing a place where technology could be used to advance the dreams of people as they come together to provide a better world for mankind in the new millennium. Two webmasters were later hired to design and help formulate the original concept for the current website and projects.

In early 2011, we merged forces with an international merchandising and marketing company to assist us in expanding the services and sharing resources. This allows us to provide better customer support and offer more products for the clients of both companies. With our new connections across the United States and the globe we are even better positioned to provide reasonably priced merchandise and services with a quicker turn-around time.

"The real voyage of discovery consists of not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. ~
Marcel Proust

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